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Net proceeds from your contribution are only applied to your school to fund the campaign’s stated goal.

The edFunder guarantee means that your donation is protected. We do our best to make sure your funds get to the proper person, team or group to fund the campaign's stated goal. If something's not right, we take full responsibility and will refund all proceeds.

edFunder will deliver funds and detailed accounting when your fundraiser concludes. edFunder will work with your campaign organizer and the school to ensure the funds arrive safely and securely upon the conclusion of your fundraiser. We deliver funds by check or ACH along with detailed accounting of all fees, including standard processing fees. Most of the time, one of our edFunder team members will personally deliver the funds raised.

edFunder operates as a Benefit Corporation. We consider the impact of our decisions on all stakeholders, including our schools, parents, teachers and contributors and do not prioritize one stakeholder over another. We judge performance based on the company's social, environmental, and financial performance.